Traveling around the world, we are increasingly aware of what irreversible changes are taking place on our planet. Observing the amount of garbage falling into the ocean, we seriously thought about the theory of reasonable consumption and the possibility of reusable use of the products around us. Notebooks have been and remain an integral part of our lives and we have always been embarrassed that after using them it is necessary to throw them away. So in 2009, we founded the Manekibook brand, whose internal mission was to create reusable or sustainable products. In 2018 Manekibook becomes Maneki Works.

Oleg & Anton Duma


The beckoning cat Maneki Neko, a Japanese talisman meant to bring the best of fortune to its owner, is the symbol of Maneki Works. The spirit of simplicity, observation and careful investment in things that matter is signature to Japanese art and culture. Which is why it captivates us, and we strive to convey its spirit in everything we bring to life.


Passion and reason, emotion and logic, simplicity and sophistication. To achieve balance, the opposites must unite to bring out the best in each other. The Duma Brothers, Maneki Works’s architects and the driving force behind its lifestyle, enact the principle in full.

Globetrotters, dreamers, craftsmen and artists, they had been raised to value simple, natural things that are now slipping away. Together they have set a goal to ensure that inside Maneki Works, the real thing would always beat the simulation, and authenticity would always prevail over digitalisation. Together, they create a world of tasteful simplicity, conscious sophistication and timeless value.