Set a signature to your style with Maneki Works personalisation service. Select from our recommended range of hardware finish:

Brass - genuine brass;
Silver - silver plated brass;
Gold - gold plated brass;
Gunmetal - nickel plated brass;
Gunmetal Matt - black gun plated brass;
14К Rose Gold - 14k rose gold plated brass;
18К Gold - 18k yellow gold plated brass;
Rhodium - rhodium plated brass;


Select from our recommended range of elastic bands coloured in legendary Nato Straps colours.

Nato Green - blue-green;
Nato Blue - white-blue;
Nato Marine - red-blue;
Nato Classic - white-red-blue;


Select from our recommended personalisations options and our team will customise your item with expert, handcrafted care:

Up to 3 symbols - (dots included);
Up to 5 symbols - (dots included);
Up to 15 symbols - (dots included).